There are a few reasons why men tend to lose weight faster and easier than women. The biggest factor by far is the lean tissue to fat tissue ratio that men have over women. Not only do men naturally have more lean tissue by default they have a much greater capacity to increase the amount of lean tissue they have relative to women. The more lean tissue you have the more thermogenic and metabolically active you are.
-Men typically have more metabolic flexibility than women which allows for a greater potential of fluctuations in bodyweight and bodyfat relative to women. This means men can extract more benefit out of the same fitness program as a woman,or in other words get more mileage out of their program because their biology allows for it more readily.

-Men typically expose themselves to greater intensities of exercise relative to women which is primarily a key factor to losing weight and bodyfat. Because of the stigma many women have of associating intensity and strength with gettting “bulky” the intensities needed to drive weight loss are often unmet.
-Women have a much more delicate biology and are sensitive to stress and their environment to a greater degree than men. Making sure the “coast is clear” is oftentimes the way female biology works. This means consistency and stability in your overall health and lifestyle program not just the diet or the workout.

-Women’s biology has a stress bias that makes them more prone to overworking their system. Many women will give 110% commitment to reaching their goals and executing the plan, but they will often override signs and symptoms of over doing it. Some of these signs and symptoms are cravings, mood swings, poor sleep quality, large and frequent energy fluctuations, head and body aches, constipation, etc. Many women are already experiencing these symptoms without trying to lose weight and when you add in a diet and fitness routine it could just be more stress on top of stress which makes weight loss very hard.