The morning is a prime time nutritional opportunity, it’s where the alpha meal does its work and earns its name, it gives hints and clues in the word…break-fast .

The way most people do breakfast however sabotages goals of losing weight burning bodyfat, putting on muscle or even having a clear mind. If you didn’t know any better breakfast in a country like America, breakfast might as well be dessert. There’s mismatched macronutrients and inferior food selections.

Here’s your 3 point checklist to avoid getting fat and staying healthy and in shape.

Skipping breakfast– Skipping breakfast is not a game rookies can play. What I mean by that is skipping breakfast is actually not a bad practice and under the right circumstances it can be a very healthy and powerful tool but if and only if you have the right metabolics for it. What are the right metabolics? A favorable bodyfat percentage (better than the average person), a robust and strong metabolism, and a maximized capacity for fat burning. If you’re struggling with these things and not reaching your goals breakfast is your friend. Breakfast helps to reset, augment and maximize your metabolic activity, blood sugar control and neurotransmitter profile; all crucial systems to reach any of your health and fitness goals and at a crucial time period these systems are no more primed than in the morning after overnight sleep which is why it is the alpha meal. If you want maximize health and greatly up your chances of crushing your fitness goals don’t leave this meal on the table.

Eat the wrong breakfast- Hopefully I’ve convinced you on the merits of actually eating breakfast which is the first step, however for those that already eat it great, but we now have to ask if your selection is  appropriate. While there are many systems that breakfast helps to maximize we’ll focus on the 3 I just mentioned. It would make sense that if these 3 systems are key to hitting fitness goals it would make sense to eat in a way that optimizes them, right? For metabolic activity we want it high, so eating foods that crank the metabolism and are more thermogenic to up the calorie burn is ideal. For blood sugar control we want that to be stabilized as opposed to yo-yo’ing all over the place, so being mindful of not only the amount sugar we consume in a meal but also the speed at which it enters our body and bloodstream. Finally neurotransmitter profile which is responsible for your productivity, focus and drive needs to be up to par so eating foods that are complete in nature and nutrient dense are ideal versus processed foods. Take a look at what people eat at large as well as yourself to see if you line up with these parameters.

Use coffee as an artificial metabolism – This one is big. America is a caffeinated nation and is the number one legal drug in the world. Coffee is very similar to the first concept just mentioned with skipping breakfast. As a tool, with the right metabolics, it can be a powerful aid to hitting your fitness goals. Most people however are not in this category and instead use coffee to make up for massive gaps in energy, focus, productivity and horrible sleep hygiene. If coffee has replaced your metabolism, realize that it’s a poor substitute, which is why native americans use to refer to it as “empty fire”. It can definitely get the job done but in a person that’s in a dysfunctional and dependent state it’s like drinking from a fire hose when you’re thirsty. Coffee is counterproductive to the three main systems that a proper alpha meal breakfast would instead optimize. Coffee does rev your metabolism…why? because it’s a stimulant but if you don’t have metabolic control revving it up is against your self interest. It can further destabilize blood sugar by causing wild swings, especially if you load it up with sugars and syrups. Finally due to the addictive nature of coffee it automatically predisposes you to a rearrangement of your neurotransmitters that reinforces addictive behaviors which can drive down creativity and productivity if you’re not careful.

Bottom line here is the further away you are from your health and fitness goals no matter what experience or level you are the more necessary and valuable the Alpha meal becomes. The closer you are to your goals and the more optimized your system is the more you can actually leverage and get away with skipping breakfast, going off track with food selection and using coffee to your advantage. Getting there isn’t difficult but the foundational value of eating breakfast is one of your most powerful tools to help you achieve your goals. If you want to learn how to do the Alpha meal right sign up for my mini course, it’s free, you’ll get to see an example of how to structure a meal that is 100% alpha click on the link below.