If you have any sort of health and fitness goals, usually you try to eat in a way that helps you meet those goals, right!?

But let’s be honest do you really know if the meal you just ate is getting you any closer to your goal? What about the next one; and the one after that?

 Real talk:  Most people eat what they “feel” is considered healthy and hope it all works out.

We do this partially because of a lack of education and/or mis-education on the function of a meal : what it’s supposed to do & how it fits into a healthy lifestyle.

Meals have a functional purpose you can actually put them to work to your advantage.

Ironically the one meal you don’t want to screw up is the one most people do; and that’s breakfast. You may be thinking you’re gonna hear some public service announcement from your grandmother pointing her finger at you about how its important to eat your breakfast everyday

 ummm no you-don’t-understand.

Breakfast is the alpha meal, a high performance meal.  Much more so than lunch or dinner. If you have health and fitness goals at any level basic to advanced….., if you’re not dialing in breakfast that’s not only like bringing a knife to a gunfight you’re also leaving the machine gun  you forgot you have at home.

Breakfast is a gear shifter to your body, if done right it helps you to:

-Burn bodyfat

-Lose weight

-Gain muscle

-Increase performance and productivity

It does this by influencing, activating, and revving up multiple systems in the body that typically have their prime window of opportunity for function in the morning.

We all have body clocks right and they typically refresh themselves after over night sleep, this is the closest thing we have to a reset without our body actually turning off. So when we start a new day we kind of start “fresh”. Starting a new day also means being able to get through the day and the body knows that. To get through the day you need 3 major systems primed and ready to go:

Metabolic tone – This is like the engine in the car, metabolism needs to be turned on and warmed up before you drive.

Blood sugar control– This is like the gas in the car, maintenance of blood sugar levels is critical to continuity of energy.

-Neurotransmitter profiling– this is like driver in the car- healthy neurotransmitters will help your productivity, mood and executive function.

Guess what all these systems, which are primed and ready to get you going in the morning are contingent upon? ……yeah FOOD

This is why breakfast is the alpha meal, you don’t really get an opportunity to make this up at lunch and dinner.

That trains left the station, you have no better opportunity to kick the tires and light the fires in your body than at breakfast.

You don’t want to screw this up folks but like I said earlier most people do. The alpha meal has leverage, it’s got pull it can help you bust through plateaus, burn fat, add lean tissue, help you lose weight, get the dial moving, make you feel healthier, look healthier and be way more productive and energized. You have to pick the right foods and line them up with your goals and I can show you how to do that.

Sign up for my Alpha meal mini course, it’s totally free, short videos that just tell you what you need to do and cover everything . If you want to see an example of how to structure a meal that is 100% alpha click on the link below,  I show you how to create a high powered meal in 2 mins, don’t tell me you don’t have 2 mins in the morning, c’mon, go check it out.