Most people are aware that sleep is important, but on a large scale most people don’t truly understand what sleep does for us. Of all the human behaviors in our current lifestyle that we tend to short change and abuse it’s sleep.  It makes sense why this is the first thing to usually go when our lives become more crowded and busy.

Reasons we short change sleep:

-Buy back time:  We short change our sleep because it gives us a short term sense of having more time.

-As a culture we tend to value activity as a definer for life, when we sleep were not active thus we’re not “living“

-The ROI or return on sleep is often missed and/or so indirect that people take it for granted because it isn’t always instantly gratifying.

-The adverse effects from poor sleep are latent and insidious and problems aren’t addressed until they become a big deal.

-Sleep is a behind the scenes process all we see is the finished product or lack of and ultimately take it for granted.

-The conscious mind is relatively dormant during sleep so we don’t really know what’s going on we’re not connected to the process or detached from the processes taking place.

-We can easily override the cues for sleep our body gives us

-Sleep sometimes is viewed as weakness “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”

The simplest analogy to use to express the relationship to sleep is this: If life is the flame, sleep is the oil. No oil…no flame. You can only burn to the degree that you have the fuel to burn with, cutting out sleep is like cutting the gas line.

This still doesn’t make that much of a dent because as mentioned before people are aware but still don’t comply. So here are a couple of more:

-Lack of sleep = accelerated aging

-Poor sleep over time is like a city being hit by a hurricane that causes massive power outages and flooding while simultaneously blocking the roads for all support and recovery resources to come to your aid.

-Lack of sleep is like declaring a state of emergency in your state and congress rejecting emergency funding and resources.

-Lack of sleep is like trying to fight a house fire with bottles of water

-Lack of sleep is like voluntarily dropping out of high school

As you can see all of these analogies and scenarios are meant to incite thought not about what is happening but what is going to happen given the current course.

So let me give you some of the benefits now:

-Quality sleep is the fountain of youth, anti-aging

-Quality sleep can make you superhuman and give you more energy bandwidth

-Quality sleep is anti-cancer

-Quality sleep delivers the benefits of our efforts in health and fitness for weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, sustained energy, etc.

-Quality sleeps renovates and upgrades our biophysical structure and function

-Quality is sleep gives a thirsty brain a cool drink of water.

I hope this kind of gives you a sense of the importance of sleep and this barely scratches the surface. The first step in rehabbing your sleep if it’s poor is focusing on quantity. If you’re averaging 4-6 hours a night you’re driving a car with a slow leak in all your tires. If you have crappy sleep as most people do you might want to check out the powerdown protocol. This a program and service I put together to help take inventory of your sleep and fix it. Contrary to popular belief sleeping better is not as simple of an act to carry out as is the awareness that it’s already crappy. Sleep is a complex system and sleep pressure which is the process our body runs to activate restoration can be screwed up for many different reasons. The powerdown protocol will analyze the root and build a plan of action to enhance sleep.