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Thanks for checking out my site! I’m a seasoned coach in the health and fitness industry. With over 15 years of experience, I’ve worn many hats in my career- trainer, nutritionist, writer, biochemist, psychologist, mentor, manager, and speaker.
As a result of extreme geekery in the field I love, I’ve developed and honed a fluency in Biology, Holistics and Health to improve lives.
 There’s a lot wrong with our health industry and the work that needs to be done gets me up in the morning. Being a thought leader and staying on the cutting edge of the health and fitness, I pride myself on being a lighthouse for people looking for guidance, no matter what the goal is.

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B.S. Kinesiology, Temple University

A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

N.A.S.M. Performance Enhancement Specialist

U.S.A. Track and Field Club Coach

U.S.A. Olympic Lifting Coach

U.S.A. Triathalon Coach

DNAFit Nutrigenomic coach

Fitness Author PTontheNet.com

Member Price-Pottenger Foundation

C.H.E.K. Institute Level 4 Practitioner

C.H.E.K. Institute Level 3 Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Poliquin P.I.C.P. Coach Level 1

Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner

Poliquin P.I.M.S.T. Specialist

Dry blood cell analyst

A.A.D.P. Board certified holistic health practitioner

A.A.N.C. Certified Nutritionist (Pending)

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Plant stem cell extract practitioner

Precision nutrition certified practitioner

T-SAC tactical strength and conditioning coach (Pending)

ISSN – International Society for Sports Nutrition (Pending)

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Brandon has appeared in over 40 publications online and in print over his 15+ years in the health and fitness industry. He has multiple certifications and brings the state of the art in the field of health.http_s3.amazonaws.com_feather-files-aviary-prod-us-east-1_f5da8ea5e_2015-02-11_b5d5c1772f2e4f488de2bfb3c267f9b6_yw76i7

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  • Quad Strengthening for Supinators 
  • Male Model Workouts
  • Total-Body Weightlifting Plan for Women 
  • Training Programs for Track Cycling 
  • Reasons Weight-Lifting Results in Men’s Sore Nipples 
  • Fitness Classes for Obese People 
  • Bloating Before Powerlifting Competition 
  • Exercises for Wide Shoulders With Swimming and Rowing 
  • Tire Flipping Workout Plan 
  • How to Gain 6 to 14 Inches on Your Vertical Jump 
  • Wearing a Weight Vest When Shooting Jump Shots 
  • Straight Leg Lifts and Hamstring Avulsions 
  • Advanced Concepts of Anaerobic Exercise Intensities in Personal Training 
  • What Can Cause the Right Leg to Be Bigger Than Left? 
  • The Best Exercises for Muscle Separation & Loose Skin 
  • Gymnast vs. Weightlifter 
  • Diabetic Exercises for Older Women 
  • The Body Types of Soccer Players 
  • Does Working Out Legs Help Your Body Get Bigger Faster? 
  • Power Lifting & Concentric Ventricular Hypertrophy 
  • Defensive Back Workout Plan 
  • Plyometric Leg Exercises to Slim and Not Bulk 
  • The Best Exercises for Men Who Have Skinny Legs 
  • The Best Exercise Machines to Build Thighs & Calves
  • The Best Running Tips of All Time – Shape 
  • The Key Ingredient Causing Belly Fat in Women – Skinny Mom 
  • Exercising in the cold: Do your muscles hurt more? – CNN.com 
  • Blaming Genetics by Brandon Mentore | Living Healthy 360 
  • How Cortisol Can Damage Your Body – Huffington Post 
  • Do your muscles hurt more when it’s cold outside …
  • Fitness For Every Part of Your Cycle – Total Beauty Mobile
  • What you should eat after you workout – Ace … – Learning Ace 
  • The best vitamins for day-to-day pains – SheKnows.com 
  • Shock: Children as young as two turning to coffee – Natural … 
  • Are Your Allergies Making You Fat? – NewBeauty
  • Leg Press, Hamstring Curls and Knee Extensions for Cyclists: 
  • “What you should eat after you workout” – foofind.com
    The Ideal Rate of Weight Loss + Three Better Metrics for …
  • Body Fat Percentage Chart 
  •  No Cartilage in Knees
  • Poor Flexibility in Elbows 
  •  Squash Player with Muscle Imbalance 
  •  Shoulder Pain 
  •  Seated vs. Prone Leg Curl
  •  Torn Hamstring, Pulled Glute
  •  Tummy Tuck and Gastric Bypass
  •  Muscle Hardness
  •  Length of Training Session

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