Micro courses are more comprehensive programs of various disciplines with a cumulative curriculum that you follow in phases until the sequence is complete.  There is an option to have coaching assistance by me as you move through these programs.

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Bio-Apps are utility programs that work on a specific system in the body. Think of them like utility apps on a phone. They drill down into a specific protocol that you can apply and integrate into your overall program.

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These are courses that are kind of like interesting trivia covering topics that are common and most people relate to. There are various topics ranging from health and how the body works and why to mentality and psychology that drives behavior.

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Tracks are broad subject categories that contain a collection of courses relevant to the category. All systems have parts to them that come together to make the whole. The human body is a system of systems. You’ll find out how all the parts of a particular system work. You can study them individually or bundled together but they’re structured in such a way for you to integrate all the parts to gain comprehension.

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One offs are individual courses on various topics that you may find of interest. Kind of like a pot luck section of the library. 

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Ok you’re injured, you tweaked something, pulled it, sprained it, strained it. Now what do you do?, what shouldn’t you do? Is this gonna ruin everything, how long is this gonna take to heal? Starting my career with a background in physical therapy I’ve heard these questions and concerns many times over the years. This course will definitely help you sort things out. There are several commonalities that present themselves with all injuries and if you adhere to the these principles you’ll cut the time down in half to getting back to business. This course covers the major junction points in the body that tend to get injured: Neck & Shoulders, elbows, wrists, low back and hips, knees, ankles and feet.


Fitness Lifestyle Design

In this track you’ll learn how to become a “Wholistic” being. Read the manual on your how your body works and create a standard of health and longevity through fitness, nutrition and lifestyle design.


The Sport Lifestyle Design

Whether you’re in high level sports or an urban athlete learn in this track everything is based on performance enhancement. From strength & power development, metabolic conditioning, to supplementation, injury prevention and rehab.


Disciplined Lifestyle Design

This track is designed for the modern day samurai/student/soldier. Here, deep personal accomplishment is the code of conduct. Structure, strength and power from a tactical standpoint in the mind as much as the body is the goal building fortitude and mettle.


“State of the art”  Lifestyle Design

The Biohacker track takes a technical/engineering perspective in upgrading your biology. Hacking the system simply means implementing strategies and techniques that provide the most direct route to your goals. In this track you’ll learn non-coventional methods, state of the art protocols and quantification tools for improving healthy and longevity.


Quantum Lifestyle Design

This is the apex track of human performance and biology. Using physics, elementary science and quantum mechanics you’ll learn how to look beyond biology and get to the capstone of human function, longevity and coherence.